"Michael is amazing when it comes to sports injuries. I've felt immediate relief from acupuncture with tendonitis and tennis elbow. It is also great for stress relief and settling down an over active mind. I'm very happy with the results I've been getting overall with acupuncture and would recommend Michael to anyone."
Kelli L.

3267 South Pearl St
Englewood, CO 80113

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Bodywork Based Acupuncture

Michael Sakowich  Dipl.O.M.                                             
720-352-5415                                 Englewood, CO


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Specializing in the treatment of all major pain syndromes

Combining acupuncture and bodywork techniques 

Zen Shiatsu massage practitioner since 2002

Licensed acupuncturist and herbalist since 2005

The only acupuncturist in Colorado with specialized post graduate training in Orthopedics and Rehabilitation

Targeting health issues with comprehensive herbal care

Shorten recovery time in injuries and suguries

Treating emotional disorders

Dietary, lifestyle, and cleansing

Exercise and meditation perscriptions that put you in control of your health

Chinese acupuncture

Classical Japanese acupuncture

Michael's focus in Chinese medicine has been primarily with pain relief and pain management as well as treating emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression, digestive health, poor circulation, seasonal allergies, addiction recovery and has treated many other ailments with success.

Currently in a post graduate program for Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, Michael is becoming even more specialized in treating pain syndromes. These treatments make lasting impressions on the body and "fix" old injuries to keep your pain from recurring again and again.

He uses various techniques of acupuncture, bodywork, auriculotherapy, herbal strategies, dietary/lifestyle advise and self care exercises in a holistic medicine healing program that fits your specific needs.

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